Roberto Coin: A Different Level of Glamour and Style

A Roberto Coin-designed jewel will never be complete without his signature – a tiny piece of ruby embedded into a hidden position inside the jewel where it is exposed just enough to allow direct skin contact with the wearer of the jewel. This is in accordance to the Ancient Egyptian belief that rubies can bring health, happiness, peace and long life to anybody who wears them close to her skin. Roberto Coin put his first ruby signatures to the jewels of his Appasionata Collection in 1996. It has since then been an indispensable part of every Coin jewel ever created since.

Roberto Coin’s jewelry collection is more than just a representation of beauty and elegance. It also pays homage to the simplicity and joys of life. He continues to defy the norms by constantly thinking up of different ways on how to make his designs creative and unique from all the rest. After all, gold is just gold until shaped into the many likenesses of elegance and style. Mr. Coin gives character to each of his creations, making them such timeless pieces worthy of preservation for more than just their sparkle, but also for their archival novelty of design.

Roberto gives his creations a touch of fantasy, an exaggeration of the beauty that’s all around us, set in combination of gold, diamond, and rubies. His collections have rings done in the likeness of flowers, bangles and bracelets shaped like snakes, and other forms of representations of everyday things. His designs are influenced by a variety of cultures and multi-ethnic influences, both of Eastern and Western origins. They resonate of the historical past and the insightful future ahead.

His vast collection of creative ingenuity also includes fancy pendants shaped in the likeness of animals such as turtles, elephants, bears, penguins and the like. You can also find ones that are shaped in cocktail glasses and champagne bottles.

Aside from jewelries, Roberto also offers such accessories as sneakers, pens, memory sticks, credit card case and bags all embellished in gold and diamonds. He has even come up with a luxury champagne cooler known as WICE in 18kt yellow gold.

Roberto Coin’s jewelry collection caters to more than just the fashionably fabulous. It offers a wider range of creative choices in both fancy elegance and full-scale glamour. It also versatility in both style and comfort. Truly a worthy investment to satisfy every woman’s and man’s elegant taste.