Reveal the More Glamorous You – 5-Step Easy to Follow Glamour Guide

As a young girl, I discovered the power of well placed details. My creative touch could magically turn ordinary into extraordinary. I remember, as early as age four, color coordinating my outfits for school from my barrettes down to my socks. By age eight, I was tracking what I wore when and began never wearing the same thing twice. I did wear pieces of my wardrobe more than once, but never in the same combination. Fashion magazines were a constant source of inspiration for me. In second grade, I read an article about the importance of having a signature scent. Loving the idea, I found the right combination and began layering two fragrances at once. My signature scent is still with me and a day rarely passes without someone complimenting me on it. Today, everything I touch sparkles with glamour and I am thrilled to share my knowledge and to reveal the more glamorous you

Get Your Mind Right

Getting glamorous must be fun for you. It is important to be excited about the glamorous road ahead of you. Getting in the right frame of mind is the first step. Are you having fun? Are you bored? Have fun doing everything you do or stop doing it. Your transformation will not happen overnight, but with enthusiasm you will progress quickly. Get into the habit of deciding whether you are having fun or bored. Continue fun things and stop anything boring. Your life will be more enjoyable.

Check Your Foundation

Get ready to go shopping, feel slimmer and look sleek. Get more glamorous with step two and start shopping for properly fitting undergarments. A functional bra wardrobe is a must. Most women wear uncomfortable bras that ride up, leave marks, and lack support. This interferes with circulation causing health issues. The remedy is a proper bra fitting. Take the time to get measured at a specialty store or follow online instructions for measuring. Start with two bras that fit perfectly. Demand comfortable support and a flattering shape. I recently added a well structured wire-free push-up bra to my bra wardrobe.

Look at yourself in fitted pants and a fitted skirt. If you are not sleek and free of lines take action. Line-free underwear is readily available in many styles, cuts and fabrics. Try a body-shaper if you need more support. The right foundations make your existing wardrobe seem new and give you an instant life without working out or dieting.

Stand In Line

Step three will get you out of your slump and keep you in line. Wearing your newly purchased foundations, look at your glamorous self in a full length mirror. Examine your posture. Think long and lean, lift your head, chin down, extend your neck, shoulders down, back, and relaxed, lift your chest, tuck your tailbone under and tighten your stomach. Remember to breathe, relax, and try to look natural. Your back should be straight not swayed. Practice your perfect posture standing and sitting.

Liberate Your Locks

Change your hairstyle. Be bold. Do something different like go from long to short or try a new color. See your regular stylist or get a salon recommendation from a friend you trust with hair you like. Choose your new look with careful consideration. Part of being glamorous is using the element of surprise. The reveal is the most exciting part of any makeover. Use step four as an opportunity to have fun and be a little mysterious. Plan to reveal your new look at an upcoming social event. Make sure that the majority of the guests will be surprised by your lovely new locks. With a new look, if it is dramatic, everyone you know and strangers too will react differently to you. This will do wonders for your glamorized mindset. Encouraging words build enthusiasm.

Face The Facts

The three F’s of glamour are figure, fashion, and face. One should not outshine the other for maximum impact. Anyone can just wear a marvelous dress or lovely lip gloss. Delivering a total package of overall beauty is an art form. You do not need to overdo it. On the contrary, be thoughtful, consider the details of your look, and do not be afraid to try new things. Experiment now with step five. Fall in love with one new cosmetic that inspires the more glamorous you. Buy it and try it. Have fun enhancing one of your natural charms.

Put it all together. While you get glamorous listen to sexy music! The glamorous you needs a theme song. You will know it when you hear it. This song will send you into glamour overdrive! Now, glamorize your mindset, step into those lovely foundations, appreciate your curves, stand up straight, style your fabulous hair, and use the latest cosmetic you love. Take a long look at the more glamorous you. Soak in how lovely look and how good you feel right now. Dress in your most stylish ensemble and reveal the more glamorous you to the world!