Diabetes – No Glamour, No Joke

Can you believe that the pharmaceutical powers that be, are glamorizing diabetes. There is no glamour in this debilitating disease. They have done TV commercials featuring notable celebrities casually touting that they are diabetics, as if this is an approval that it is OK. Well it is not.

Why don’t they show us some of the common victims; those who have lost precious limbs. Show us the changes in life and lifestyle that the sufferers have borne. There is nothing pretty about diabetes.

Getting a high tech pricking device is great, but it’s nothing any of us should look forward to. Why not look for ways to avoid this destructive disease period.

Our poor diets contribute greatly to epidemic obesity and the massive increase in diabetes. I believe major problems are often created by some of the very solutions that we are using to prevent problems. These are the artificial sweeteners and many of the so called “diet foods,” being consumed.

We continue to believe that the body can be tricked by aspartame, sucralose and other unnatural substitutes being used today. Think about it, you swallow a juice that is artificially sweetened. The tongue senses sweetness. So it signals the brain, which signals the pancreas to produce some insulin because sugar is on the way down. Wait a minute, what happens because no sugar arrives? A little trick on the pancreas, eh? Well central control (being the brain) doesn’t take well to tricks. After a while it tells the pancreas not to worry. Even though it senses sweetness, it doesn’t bother to produce, it is being tricked again. Answer this. What is diabetes? What might have just contributed to it?

I know that natural products are better for you that synthetic or modified ones. However, don’t be fooled by the use of the word “natural.” Many products today are fooling unsuspecting buyers with the phrase saying, “this product contains 100 percent all natural ingredients.” Note the word “contains.” If you pour a thimble full of 100 percent natural cherry juice into a pitcher of gasoline, you could say this substance contains 100 percent cherry juice. The statement would be true, but does that make it healthy to drink?

Watch what you are putting into your body very carefully. Diabetes, like high blood pressure and even cancer is preventable. Don’t consider these diseases as a natural rite of passage as you age. Good nutrition is a key factor in overcoming diabetes and in many cases reversing it. You will pay now for the proper supplements to strengthen your body. Or you will pay later for the high tech pricking devises, being glorified by the celebrities.

Make a stand and understand that you can prevent diabetes and many other ailments. There is no glamour in having a limb removed. There is no glamour in having any of the symptoms of this disease. Make it glamorous to consult someone that is into natural nutritional supplements. Our food has become so tainted that we have to lean toward natural supplementation to overcome our conditions.

Of course if you have diabetes now, don’t take it that your life is ruined. Consult doctors, caretakers or those that can share alternatives with you. That way you can work with your regular doctor to help monitor your situation. I never recommend discontinuing any medication; however I do say try to find a way to reduce it and eventually eliminate it if you can.