Government’s Indifference To The Nation’s Health!

We presume that government is at least as aware of the established health risks of smoking – for smokers and non-smokers – as any aware and enlightened human:

  • that there is already incontestable evidence from medical research of the link between Smoking and the Big Three: lung cancer, heart disease and chronic bronchitis. That the death rate for lung cancer is 1000 times higher for smokers than for non-smokers. That three out of four bronchitis deaths are caused by smoking (not air pollution, as is often believed). And that, in the age group 45-55, death rates from heart disease are 50 per cent higher for men smokers than for men non-smokers; and 100 per cent higher for women.
  • that smoking is also implicated in other illness like cancer of the mouth, throat, pharynx, larynx, pancreas and bladder; emphysema; and paralytic strokes;
  • that smoking in pregnant women is associated with premature/still-born births, and with babies of low birth weight. That, according to a WHO study, one out of five babies who die would have been saved if their mothers had not smoked.
  • that a non-smoker exposed to the atmosphere of a smoke-filled room for one hour will inhale as much smoke as if he/she had actually smoked between one and two cigarettes.

We also presume that the government is aware of these additional facts:

  • that the acreage under tobacco cultivation has been steadily increasing over the last few decades.
  • that the number of cigarette addicts among the young and among women has also been steadily increasing over the last few years. According to recent study, the average number of cigarettes smoked by a male student today stands at 16 a day, for a female student, six.
  • That the cigarette industry is also reaching out, increasingly, to rural areas.

Given these frightening facts and troubling trends, we wonder why the government has not taken a decisive stand and tough action to safeguard the nation’s health. We wonder why it has been favouring the cigarette industry (and marketers) with the kid-glove treatment. And why even its half-hearted bans on smoking (in specified public areas) have been poorly implemented.

Especially worrying is the insidious luring of the young to this harmful habit by marketers who romanticise and glamourize smoking. Take a look at a typical cigarette ad. The man lighting up is, well, ‘manly’, virile, macho. He’s young, he’s attractive, he’s sophisticated and – most misleading of all – he’s healthy-looking. He’s also the guy who’s lucky in love, successful at work, and fun to be with (the adventurous, outdoorsy type).

The truth: a four-year study of university students in the United States found that their weight, height and chest measurements were consistently less among smokers than among non-smokers. In another study of young smokers, it was found that they participated less in sports and games, got fatigued more easily, and had lower IQ levels, on average, than non-smokers. Smokers also have been found to suffer more chronic colds, headaches, insomnia and sinusitis. Because smoking puts a heavy load on the heart, chronic smokers also get breathless and winded easily. There’s nothing virile about the smokers’ cough that wakes them every morning. Their taste buds are depressed by the nicotine, so they don’t enjoy their food. As for looking attractive, chronic smokers have a degree of skin-wrinkling appropriate to non-smokers who are 20 years older. Their teeth and nails become nicotine-stained. Smokers also smell: the stink clings to their clothes, their hair and their breath. Even their perspiration smells, because some of the smoke products are absorbed into their bloodstream and excreted through the pores.

So, what’s so attractive or robust about the young smoker? And why isn’t the government moving to stop marketers from propagating a falsely alluring image? In some countries, the industry gets away with catch-lines like ‘Made for each other’ (Wills) and ‘For the gracious people’ (Gold Flake).

If the cigarette trade has forgotten the meaning of the word ‘ethics’, isn’t it the government’s business to remind them with a sharp nudge?

I am alive to the fact that ‘economic considerations’ weigh with the government on an issue like this. But I think that ‘health consideration’ should come first. By collecting the ‘tainted’ revenue (from taxation), while placing the moral responsibility between the fingers of the smoker (with a take-it-or-leave-it) warning that ‘Cigarette smoking is injurious to health’), the government is only eating its cake and having it too.

And merely avowing that “smoking is a social evil which should be discouraged at any cost” is just not good enough. The government will have to match its actions to its fighting words if we are to banish the spectre of thousands of individuals ‘dying for a cigarette’.

Imbibe Copper in Life for Health

Copper The Wonderful Metal

Copper is one of the few elements which are colored in its pure form. The reddish brown shiny colour adds the glamour value to this metal. The metal is solid and the best thing is that it is available on the surface of the earth, the main reason for it being the metal used by ancient civilizations. With the discovery of iron the use of this wondrous metal in daily life diminished, and people were deprived of its benefits for a long period of time. However, with recent research revealing the many properties of this metal, it is being used more and more in daily life. It has also been reintroduced into the kitchen increasing the grandeur and making food healthy.

This extremely useful element is present all around us. It is used to make all kinds of electrical equipments right from a small bulb to rockets. The Iron Age is long gone, but the copper age is back.

The effect of copper on our body

Copper has long been used as a medicine by Egyptians and the people of India in the Vedic age. The main use was to store water, thus making it fresh and safe to drink. The metal has the unique property of killing microbes by the ionic reaction known as the “Oligodynamic effect”. Being a heavy metal, it should not be consumed in large quantities. But small amounts everyday can work wonders for overall good health. So, do not wait and get a copper tumbler or a copper jug and start drinking from it to good health.

Now, let us check out the various benefits this trace element has on our body.

Benefit Number One: Copper is a brain stimulant

The sluggishness you feel after a long day at office can be quite frustrating. This is due to the brain slowing down, and copper can help you speed it up. Copper is a vital building block of the myelin sheaths which are a key part of the nervous system. Copper helps in repair and production of the membrane around synapses, thus increasing electrical activity in the brain. This is the key to quicker response system, and making the brain healthier.

Benefit Number Two: Copper Relives pain in Joints

How does copper help in relieving joint pain? Well, it does it in two ways. First copper has the natural property of reducing inflammation and this is the reason ancient Egyptians used copper in their bandages. The second way it relives the pain is by repairing the cartilage around the joints. Simply wearing a copper bangle can help, as the copper seeps through skin and reduces pain.

Benefit Number Three: Copper aids in Digestion

Adding copper in small amount in daily life can help the digestive system. Copper stimulates the contraction of digestive muscles making digestion systems work better. In addition it kills harmful bacteria, thus reducing the burden on the stomach. However, too much copper can harm the gut bacteria which are a vital part of us. The solution is to drink a glass of water kept overnight in copper jugs, and drink it in the morning. This a tried and tested remedy for stomach ailments suggested by Ayurvedic science.

Benefit Number Four: Keeps the Thyroid balanced

Hyper and hypo thyroids have become a common problem today. This is due to copper deficiency in the body, and the reason is the pollution that takes toll on the copper present in our body. The thyroid gland is the master gland, and essential for a healthy body. Supplementing copper in your diet can help to balance the thyroid thus helping you to be in good health.

Benefit Number Five: Copper keeps the heart healthy

Most of the cardiovascular problems are due to clogging of the nerves and arteries. The excessive fat intake bad cholesterol builds in our body. This takes the form of plaque and blocks the arteries and veins. The plaque is made of large and stubborn fat molecules. This is the main reason for heart related problems. Copper has the natural property of breaking down large fat molecules in to smaller ones. Thus the plaque is removed making blood flow better and reducing the risk of heart problems. Just one litre of copper charged water from your copper water bottle can do this. Isn’t that wonderful?

Benefit Number Six: Copper keeps your hair and skin in good health

Copper is a vital part of making of the pigment in our eyes, hair and skin known as melanin. Proper intake of copper can strengthen your hair and keep your skin healthy. You just need to be aware and you will look young and beautiful.

Benefit Number Seven: Copper keeps liver and spleen in good stead

Copper keeps the liver, spleen and the lymphatic system healthy. These are vital part of the internal cleansing system of the body. Thus copper is essential for keeping the filtration system of the body in good stead, which keeps the toxins out and helps us to be healthy.

The overall effect of copper on the general health is too much to ignore. So, introduce copper in daily life by having copper tumblers, copper cups for drinking water. Also, buy copper utensils and making cooking healthy and easy. While doing so you will be becoming healthier everyday without doing much. Start today by visiting your nearby copper shop, or just go online and order some copper goodies for yourself. Be selfish, use copper and be healthy!

A Natural Skin Cream Can Work Wonders For Your Appearance And Your Health

Natural skin cream is a vital component of a natural skin treatment routine. This organic skin treatment is one of several things that are created with natural ingredients with very few chemical additives. The chemicals contained in those products do your body as much harm as they do it good.

Taking care of your skin is about far more than just purchasing natural skin care products. The look and feel of your skin is largely affected by what you choose to eat and drink. The recommended amount of water one should drink daily is half your weight (lbs) in fluid ounces. This helps to push toxins out of the body and keep the skin vibrant.

Vitamin E is another valuable player in a beauty inspired diet. You will find this nutrient readily available in things like spinach, broccoli, mango, blue crab, and asparagus. You will also find this vitamin in good multivitamins or available alone as a supplement to your multivitamin. Diet is one of the most key supporters of beautiful skin.

Another naturally occurring mineral that is wonderful for your skin is resveratrol. Resveratrol is located in the skin of most grapes, peanuts, blueberries, and many deep red wines. Anything containing resveratrol such as grapes, nuts, or even your favorite wine is a great start as it alone can jump start your metabolism and a lot more.

Care to look aged before your time? Indulgence or regular subjection to any of these things is connected to a number of skin maladies. They contribute to early aging, excessively dry skin, blemishes, and several other unpleasant skin issues.

Partaking in a regularly occurring maintenance routine can also help you to maintain beautiful skin without resorting to toxic chemical laced beauty products. A twice daily face wash with natural soap, nightly use of a moisturizing natural skin cream, and daily protection from dangerous UV rays all help to keep skin in tip top condition.

Avoiding chemical beauty products is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Pure and organic solutions help to keep your health in check, the environment clean, and your appearance breathtaking. Maintaining your glamour actually calls for things other than simple creams and lotions. Having a pure, nutrient-based diet is a huge part of keeping yourself beautiful. Natural skin cream and other organic beauty products are just a bonus to be used in addition to routine maintenance.